About Us

Our Story

Back in 1986 we founded a modest eight bed nursing home with the intention to offer both a professional and caring service. The idea was to be different from the big companies who we saw as offering care to the minimum legal standard putting their accounts margin first. We believe that the later years should not be spent just waiting for visitors. We believe that everybody's later years are more precious than ever and should be spent with as much laughter, joy and experiences as possible.

Our Philosophy

Since we started we have always put the residents experience first offering as much entertainment and comfort as possible. We believe it is this that has been the secret to our success. We have grown considerably since the early days, our facilities now offer sixty beds a bistro, several lounges and social spaces. But the idea of offering the professional and caring service we did at our beginnings is very much alive. Putting the resident experience at the centre of what we do is what makes us different from the rest and we are proud of it.

We believe that a care home is a home after all and all of our staff are trained to have that principle at the forefront of their mind. Nobody here just sees our home as place to work we see it as a home from home. We believe that we are only here as the welcome guests of the residents to provide care and company. A friendly atmosphere where residents have fun and enjoy good company is what we provide and is how we measure our success.