Our Care

We always have several qualified nurses working round the clock so residents can be sure that whenever anybody needs attention they are seen to by a trained professional. Training for all of our staff is very rigorous and at the forefront of their training is making sure that we put the experience of the resident first.

Therapeutic care is our mantra and very important to the experience we provide. We improve the health of our residents by proactively encouraging residents to try to do things themselves with our support rather than just quickly doing what they require and moving on. Time spent one on one with the residents for some can be the most valuable aspect of the care we provide for them and we make sure that those that need it get it and it is not rushed.

The personal touch has been an integral part of the Beech Hill Grange experience since we began. In administering care our highest priority is maintaining and promoting the dignity and comfort of our residents. We pride ourselves on providing care that is participative, collaborative and empowering.